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关于马杜拉陶瓷作坊 Madoura

Now3        马杜拉陶瓷博物馆,位于法国南部著名的制陶小镇瓦洛里斯,建于古罗马时期,距今已有2000多年的历史。作为当地著名的陶瓷工艺坊,马杜拉以其特有的陶土和制陶工艺闻名于世。在马杜拉出品的作品,其色泽鲜亮,即使在阳光下暴晒1000年也不会变色。因此,吸引了许许多多来自世界各地的陶艺师和艺术家,毕加索,夏加尔和马蒂斯就是其中的代表。

        1946年,毕加索受他的朋友路易·斯堡邀请, 出席瓦洛里斯的一个陶瓷展览。他对当地著名的马杜拉陶瓷作坊主人,苏珊 哈米耶的作品十分感兴趣,哈米耶夫妇邀请毕加索到马杜拉参观。在那里,毕加索随手捏了三件陶瓷,并把它们留在马杜拉等待晾干和烧制。一年之后,毕加索回到马杜拉陶瓷作坊,看看他的陶瓷烧制出来的效果如何。看到作品后,他对烧制出来的效果感到十分满意,并提出是否能在这里创作更多的陶瓷作品。哈米耶夫妇欣然同意了,并特别为他安排了一个工作室。毕加索以自己的素描画作为灵感,马上投入了陶瓷创作。















Madoura 003In 1946 Picasso in Golfe Juan with his friend Louis Fort, decided to visit the pottery exhibition in Vallauris. He took a particularinterest in the Madoura stand and asked to be introduced to the owners – Suzanne and Georges Ramié. They invited him to their Madoura Pottery workshop in Vallauris. There he made three pieces which he left to dry and bake. A year later Picasso returned to see how the pieces had turned out. He was delighted with the quality of the work and asked if he could make more. They agreed and an area of the workshop was arranged especially for him. Immediately, he began to work, inspired by his portfolio of sketches.

Madoura 001

So began a long and very productive partnership between Picasso and Madoura. The whole Madoura team became part of the creative process. They made sure Picasso had all the materials he needed and assisted in producing perfectly finished works of art. Suzanne Ramié shared her vast experience, teaching him all the secrets of ceramics.

The ceramics ranged from vases, sculptures, plaques to even a complete dinner service. The familiar themes included bullfighting scenes, portraits and nature – goats, birds, and fish. In 24 years over 633 pieces were created in limited editions all engraved with the Madoura stamp.

Alain Ramié